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Puppy play svans

Puppy play svans

Puppy play, tail to puppy. Black or black/red.

Puppy play is part of the BDSM culture or leather culture where a person acts like a dog (puppy) within a sexual or playful context. There is a department within SLM for puppyplay. It is a role-playing game where the person who acts like a puppy has behaviors and actions like a dog, such as wearing a dog leash, playing with toys and naming themselves with dog names and behaviors like a dog. 

The different colors in puppy play are often used to signal different aspects of the play and the role. Common colors and their meanings can be:

- Blue: Likes to be submissive, likes anal sex.

- Red: Likes pain and being dominated like fisting and big toys.

- Black: Focuses on strictness, striving and discipline, bdsm, wants harsh upbringing.

- Green: Beginner or curious in BDSM and puppy play.

- Yellow: Focuses and likes golden showers, water sports, kisses.

- Purple: Likes or has piercings 

- Grey: Likes bondage 


Puppy play items, such as dog leashes, collars, toys, and other related products, can usually be purchased at specialty BDSM stores or online stores geared towards the BDSM community such as dickfashion.com.


For puppy play, you may need things like a collar and leash, a dog mask, a tail, knee pads, front and back paws, and a chew bone like a gag ball, as well as other equipment related to the specific play. It is important that everyone involved agrees and is aware of boundaries and safety in all BDSM play, including puppy play.

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