Product series: Caps

At Dickfashion you will find a variety of high quality caps. Dickfashion has both caps with prints and various embroideries, but also plain caps in many different colors such as black, navy, burgundy, grey, pink and beige. We also have a corduroy cap with an embroidered mustache where part of the purchase is donated to prostate cancer research. There are also different caps in nubuck with different prints..

Caps are headgear that usually covers all or part of the head and has a screen at the front. They can be used to protect the head and eyes from sun and rain, as well as to keep the hair in place. Caps can also be part of a style statement or fashion statement.

In fashion, caps play an important role as an accessory to complete an outfit. Caps come in many different styles, materials and colors, giving individuals the opportunity to express their personal style. They can be part of a relaxed and sporty look as well as part of a more formal or dressy style.

In many subcultures, caps have become a significant expression of identity and style. For example, caps have been a central part of hip-hop culture and streetwear fashion. In addition, caps have become a symbol of sports teams, and are often worn by fans to show their support for their favorite team.

In conclusion, caps can be used for practical purposes such as protection against weather conditions and to keep the head cool or warm. At the same time, they play an important role in fashion and can be an expressive part of an individual style.