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Discover Dickfashion's nice and stylish tank top, men's tank top. Available in black, white, burgundy, gray and blue. Buy here Dickfashion's Soft and Versatile Linens and Tank Tops in 100% Cotton!

Discover Dickfashion's nice and stylish tank top, men's tank top. Available in black, white, burgundy, gray and blue. Buy here Dickfashion's Soft and Versatile Linens and Tank Tops in 100% Cotton!


Stylish linen in cotton. Available in different colors and are of high quality at a good price. These comfortable tank tops or tank tops that fit well are available without print or for customization if you want to choose one of our other prints. Perfect during the hot summer days, at the gym as a training top or as an undershirt for your outfit. Or why not when you ferment on the couch with carrot and cucumber sticks.

Are you looking for the perfect garment to suit any occasion? Then you've come to the right place. Dickfashion offers a fantastic range of leotards and tank tops in black, white, burgundy, burgundy, gray and blue - all in nice and soft 100% cotton material.

**Style and Comfort in One**
Our tank tops and tank tops are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. Made of high-quality cotton material, they feel soft against the skin, perfect for training, a day at the beach, as an undershirt or as a stylish garment at the party.

**A Color Choice for Every Occasion**
With our wide range of colors, there is always a color that suits your personal style and mood. Choose between classic black and white for timeless simplicity, or be inspired by our deep shades of burgundy, burgundy, gray and blue to really stand out.

**High Quality Material and Durability**
We at Dickfashion never compromise when it comes to quality. Our tank tops and tank tops are made to last, making them an investment for your wardrobe. The 100% cotton construction not only gives a nice feeling but also a long durability.

**A Versatile Choice**
Whether you're working out, relaxing on the beach, or mingling at the party, Dickfashion's tank tops and tank tops are the perfect choice. Explore our range today and find your new favourite. Feel comfortable, stylish and ready for any occasion with Dickfashion's tank tops and tank tops in 100% cotton! Order now and experience quality and style on a new level.


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Cotton, bomull

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Storlek på tryckytan: på bröstet är 15x15 cm. På vänster bröst 5,5x5,5 cm.

Care advice

You've unpacked your product, done a happy dance, checked the tire extra and now you want to keep it in good condition. Here's how to take care of your garments and the dike to maximize durability and not put extra wear and tear on the dike:

  • Wash inside out, maximum 30 °C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not fade
  • Iron inside out, low heat, no steam and do not iron directly on the print
  • On clothes with several motifs, these should not touch each other when ironing to avoid them sticking together.

In the case of stains from various body fluids, use the window scraper from the car, the spatula or similar and scrape off the worst. Then wash gently with a mild detergent, gentle stain remover or take it to the dry cleaner wearing sunglasses or another disguise to avoid embarrassment. Or be who you are and fuck being ashamed.

Incidentally: All textiles you buy from us undergo intensive tests. A garment is not purchased as part of the assortment until, for example, it has passed several washes with all printing methods.

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