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Statue in crystal or stone shaped like a cock or dick, 5 cm long.

Statue in crystal or stone shaped like a cock or dick, 5 cm long.

A beautiful crystal statue in the form of a cock, cock or penis a real power crystal with properties. It's 5cm, kinda avrage right? These crystal dicks are perfect to have in your pocket as a stress ball to fiddle with during restless and stressful days or whatever you want! Who doesn't want a dick in their pocket? Also works well as decoration at home, a perfect conversation icebreaker.

The crystals are available in 5 different stones.

- Green aventurine, which, among other things, helps with problems such as stress and gives peace of mind.

Dragon Blood – The crystal dragon blood jasper gives courage, strength, creativity and action and gives you a strengthened personal power. It also helps you to recover more quickly after illness. It also helps you regain strength faster after you have been sad, depressed or otherwise negatively affected mentally. It is also a crystal that helps you break old unhealthy habits. Dragon's Blood is the crystal that helps strengthen your stamina to achieve a healthy balance, this can for example apply to diet and exercise. The green color comes from the mineral Epidote which is also called Pistacite and the red found in some stones comes from Red Jasper. Just Epidote amplifies the energy of other crystals and Red Jasper gives vitality, strength and focus. The crystal comes from Australia.

Tiger Eye – The tiger eye crystal is said to give a positive outlook on life and make you happier. The stone helps against nightmares and insomnia. It gives strength and strengthens you as a person, gives courage. It is said to be closely connected to the wild both in nature and in yourself. The stone strengthens self-control and can help you reduce your cravings for food and sweets, as well as reduce the need for and overconsumption of food, cigarettes, snuff and alcohol. It is also a constant reminder that you can handle more than you think.

- Malachite – The Malachite crystal is a healing stone, it is said to be healing, balancing and absorbs negative energy and pain. The stone helps you dare to change, to let go of what has been and instead malachite can help you focus on the future and life's myriad possibilities. It is also said to be protective against electromagnetic radiation.

- Purple Amethyst – Amethyst is a calming crystal that calms nervousness and mood swings with its calming energy. The stone is also said to be good for decision-making, a powerful crystal for change, self-development and transformation. Also a very good crystal to have close by for meditation.

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Kristallerna malakit, tigeröga, grön aventurin, ametist eller dragons blood jasper

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5 cm

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