Product series: Penis rings

At Dicknaughty you will find a variety of cock rings in many sizes and colors. Use a penis ring for more comfortable sex or just to lift up the package when you go out so that your dick looks much bigger. A cock ring also gives you a much harder erection. Place it behind the balls of the scrotum at the root, or at the very end of the shaft or under the glans or why not one in each place? At Dicknaughty there are both round ones (which you can roll up and down on your dick) and more oval ones, which stay in place and don't move. We want all guys and men to try this fantastic sex accessory, so we keep the cock rings very low prices.

Penis rings are mainly used to improve and prolong erection in men. They work by holding back blood flow from the penis, which can result in a stronger and longer lasting erection. Penis rings can also be used to prevent premature ejaculation and help improve sexual pleasure for both partners.

There are different types of penis rings to choose from, including elastic, adjustable and vibrating varieties. They can be used during intercourse or solo activities, and some models are even designed to stimulate the clitoris, prostate or other erogenous zones during penetrative sex.

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