Product series: Mode

Artificial, high-quality, tailored furs have become increasingly popular as they offer an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to real fur. These furs are manufactured using advanced synthetic materials that can provide a realistic softness and texture similar to real fur. They can also be lighter, more durable and easier to care for than real fur.

When it comes to custom furs, customers can usually choose from a variety of models, styles and colors to find a fur that suits their personal preferences and needs. There can be different types of fur imitating different animal fur, such as fox, mink or rabbit, as well as other design options such as short or long fur, different details and decorations.

Many companies that specialize in custom artificial furs, such as Dickfashion, can also offer the opportunity to create a completely unique fur according to the customer's specific wishes. This provides great flexibility and enables individuals to create their own personal and unique style with the help of a tailored coat in the right model and color.

In conclusion, artificial, custom-made furs with high quality and a wide range of models and colors give customers the opportunity to choose a fur that is both stylish and conscience-friendly. Not only do they offer a more ethical and animal-friendly solution, but also provide an opportunity for customers to create a coat that suits their personal style and needs.