We are Dickfashion

We want Dickfashion to give strength, courage and self-confidence to the people who wear us. To dare to express all your strange ideas, fantasies and to dare to live as the person you want to be. Who set all these standards and why should we have to follow them?

It all started with Micke and Pontuz meeting and living together. But we felt quite quickly that the attraction between the two of us was something completely unique and that we wanted to live just the two of us together. 

Micke has always felt creatively driven, but never knew how to give vent to his creativity. As the only gay man growing up in Sjöbo with a Nazi as a father and homophobic people around him as a youngster, he always had to hide his true self. He was always told that you shouldn't stand out or believe anything bigger about yourself, so he had to keep his creativity to himself.

As he has ADHD, his brain runs like a tumble dryer full of ideas, one of which was that he should make a dick and put on a t-shirt to wear to a friend's birthday party. He did this first on the sly with the thought that people would look askance or find his ideas strange, as he had been told throughout his growing up/adult life that they were. However, not Pontuz, when he saw the print Micke had designed, he thought it felt right and wanted a similar shirt as well. 

At the party it was a success and many people asked and wanted to buy. A week or so later it was the QX-Gaygala and both had new shirts with dicks on them.
Pontuz had his under a jacket, so that only half the dick was showing and it was very life. Many wanted to be photographed next to them, asked to buy and even wanted to lick the shirt...
The positive feeling of all the love, positivity and affirmation of standing up for yourself and being who you are and what you do is okay, it was amazing. We want to share THAT feeling.

We checked the next day if the domain dickfashion.com was available and to our great surprise it was, we bought it right away! We started right away by designing different types of t-shirts with a variety of prints that we wore out in Stockholm's nightlife. Every night several people came up and asked where they could buy these cool shirts. Some offered high sums to be able to get these directly, but it was denied, as neither Micke nor Pontuz appreciated the idea of ​​going shirtless in Stockholm's inner city at night. When we then started looking into where we could sew up sweaters, a host of possibilities opened up to make this bigger, so the range quickly expanded to linens, jewellery, underpants, gems and even furs, yes the list was long. Later it developed into a full range in fashion and lifestyle. All the products we produce are things we feel strong about and wear with pride. 

Life should be fun and we think you should spread joy. Many products have a twinkle in their eye and we want to make other people happy. We want Dickfashion to give strength, courage and self-confidence to the people who wear us.