Product series: Flags

Discover Dickfashion's diverse range of flags, where our rainbow flag takes center stage as a symbol of diversity and inclusion. Also explore our playful flags with rainbow and gold toned penises and neckties, which add a unique touch to the expression of freedom and humor. For those car enthusiasts looking for something extra, our fantastically fun car flags offer a fun and personal touch to your vehicle. Dive into the world of Dickfashion's flags and let your individuality shine through color and joy.

At Dickfashion you will find many different flags, we have rainbow flags, pride flags, flags with cocks on them and flags with frills on them. The flags are available with gold cocks or gold cocks, with gold pussies or gold vulva. We have flags for cars, car flags with different prints. We have hand flags, flags that are 60x90 cm and flags for flagpoles with quick attachment. We have many different pride prints on the flags. The rainbow flag stands for diversity, pride and respect for fellow human beings and for tolerance. The rainbow flag is popular in the LGBT community and gay culture. The rainbow flag is a must in the pride parade and in pride park. The rainbow flag consists of six different colors (8 from the beginning).